When Extracting a Tooth is Necessary

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While we believe that your teeth belong in your smile, and we may do everything we can to save a tooth, there can be times when a tooth needs to be extracted. It could be the result of an oral trauma or dental decay, but we may need to remove it to restore your dental health.

Before anything happens, our dentists, Drs. Beck or Beck, can review your dental and medical history with you, and they may wish to have a few appropriate x-rays. By taking these x-rays, our dentists can get a better idea of exactly what is happening beneath your gums and they can determine what may need to be done.

A local anesthetic can be used to numb the area where the extraction will take place and then the tooth can be gently loosened and removed. Our dentists can give you a detailed list of how to care for yourself after an extraction, but we can provide a brief overview. It may be critical that you don’t smoke, clean your teeth near the extraction site or rinse your mouth vigorously for the first 24 hours. You can gently rinse with warm salt water but remember to be gentle.

Additionally, you should eat and drink cool and soft things, but you should avoid using a straw for the first while. If you don’t, you could greatly increase your chances of developing a dry socket, which can be extremely uncomfortable. Ice cream and smoothies can be a great food to eat because its coldness can help reduce any swelling you may have.

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