Treating Teething Gums

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Teething isn’t fun, for the baby or for their parents. The eruption of chompers from the jaw through the gumline can hurt, so your baby will probably be crying a lot to make you aware something’s going on. Because we want you to be able to get through this period as easily as possible, we’ve put together this information on how to assist your baby with soothing while they’re teething.

With a clean finger, rub the gums for about two minutes. Although it’s likely that your child won’t enjoy this rubbing at first, they will become familiar with it over time and enjoy the cooling effect of your finger gently rubbing their gums. (As a tip, try running cold water on top of your finger before massaging your child’s gums; the cold temperature will also comfort your child.) Be sure to give your child objects okay for teething, such as teething rings. Finally, talk with us about whether using a pain reliever may be suitable for your child. If it is, we will give you information on the dosage, suitable timing and other usage instructions for the medicine.

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