Take Caution with Your Teeth During the Summer

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We are in the middle of summer, and your family is running around enjoying all the festivities, food, and swimming. When you are at the pool, you need to take precaution when having fun to prevent any type of injury. This is especially vital when it comes to preserving your smile! Dr. Turrell Beck and our dental professionals here in Kennewick, Washington, want you to have fun this summer while being cautious around the pool.

Some risk factors for you and your children to consider include:

– Swimming underwater can be misleading if you misjudge the distance and hit the edge of the pool.

– Playing or swimming in the water close together can lead to a possible kick or elbow to the mouth.

– Someone eager to get in the water may jump on top of another person.

– There’s a reason lifeguards say no running around the pool. Slipping on wet sidewalks around the pool are one of the most common injuries to happen at the pool.

Encourage your child to follow some of these rules so they don’t injure themselves on a fun-filled day:

– No running around the pool.

– Don’t play rough with other kids or near pool edges.

– Talk to your kids about how they can injure themselves on concrete or pool slides, so they need to be careful when swimming around.

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