Protecting Your Teeth with Dental Sealants

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Do you find your back molars to be difficult to clean? Are the grooves in your molars perfect for food to get caught in? Does plaque seem to be taking up residence despite your diligent brushing efforts? If you answered any of these questions in the affirmative, you are not alone and there is a treatment available. You can get a dental sealant placed on your back molars to help prevent decay.

What are dental sealants?
They are a protective plastic coating that are usually placed on the back molars. They can help prevent tooth decay by not allowing food to get caught in the deep recesses of your teeth. Dental sealants become hard enough for you to chew normally on and can come in white, clear or they have a slightly tinted option.

Why would you want them?
As previously mentioned before, when deep grooves exist in your teeth they can be difficult to clean. Food can become stuck in them, which can cause plaque to growth, or acids can become trapped and eat away at the enamel. Either option could lead to a cavity forming. While fluorides can help, dental sealants can provide that extra protection by providing a smooth surface over the chasm.

When can you get a dental sealant?
A dental sealant can be placed when the tooth has completely erupted from the gums.

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