Misaligned Teeth? Braces are the Solution

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Correcting the alignment of your teeth seems like a frightening task, especially when it comes to the placement of hardware being put in your mouth. The simple application of braces is the solution! Not only is it beneficial in your look but in your ability to speak correctly and chew foods. Here at Dr. Beck’s office, we have confidence that a straighter smile can improve your lifestyle and confidence.

This course of treatment is considered the best procedure for applicants when they are children, but it’s relevant for adults as well! It’s a straightforward process where your orthodontist first applies polishing paste to rid the teeth of any harmful decay or bacteria. Brackets are then bonded on the surface after it’s cleaned. Then metal bands are shaped around your teeth’s arch and placed into the brackets, held with rubber bands in the color you prefer, colored or clear. These are put in place to hold the metal bands in position.

When you experience soreness from your teeth shifting, this is a completely normal step of the braces’ process that you don’t need to worry about. This modification puts weight on your teeth to shift them into positions your smile isn’t used to. If your soreness doesn’t go away after a few days, speak to your orthodontist about what solutions are best for you. Quail Ridge Dental and our dental team are ready to support you with your smile’s requirements.

While your dental care regimen prevents your teeth from experiencing usual dental complications, it’s even more vital to keep your smile clean with braces with all the nooks and crannies. Your orthodontist will give you further instructions on the care of your braces hardware and teeth. Call 509-396-6950 to schedule a consultation or appointment with Quail Ridge Dental here in Kennewick, Washington, today!