Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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The thought of removing your wisdom teeth might seem like a scary thought, but it’s something almost every single person does to prevent further dental problems. Quail Ridge Dental in Kennewick, Washington, wants to help prevent any of these issues. It’s normal to experience some discomfort when your third molars come in, but if you experience any pain, immediately come into our office.

Some of the problems you face when your wisdom teeth are not attended to include spacing issues, susceptibility to infections, damaging neighboring teeth, or decay. Your dentist may find your wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they are stuck underneath your jaw or gums.

Signs of wisdom teeth coming through the gums will be monitored by your dentist, so be sure to attend your biannual checkups. Signs of damage to look for include incorrect positions where food and bacteria can become trapped, difficulty flossing between molars and wisdom teeth, and/or possible cysts that can damage the roots or bone.

Speak to Dr. Turrell Beck and our dental professionals about wisdom teeth by calling 509-735-1918 and scheduling an appointment today. Our team can remove your wisdom teeth or recommend you to a specialist if there are any signs of dental issues. Let us help you get your best and comfortable smile today!