Dental Veneers and Crowns Can Enhance Your Smile’s Appearance

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A beaming, bright smile can bolster your self-confidence and bring light to those around you. If you suffer from chips, stains or other cosmetic imperfections, consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Beck to explore cosmetic dentistry options. One of the best ways to enhance your smile’s appearance is to have Dr. Beck install dental veneers onto the faces of your teeth.

These are thin shells made from a special porcelain material. They are created at a professional dental lab to fit over the faces of each tooth in your smile. The dental veneers will not be as receptive to dental stains as your natural tooth enamel, making it easy for you to uphold your white smile.

If one of your teeth has a cavity, chip, crack, or an old dental filling, Dr. Beck might recommend restoring the tooth with a porcelain dental crown instead. This restorative appliance will completely replace the tooth enamel with the same durable porcelain material used for your veneers, but will cover the tooth on all sides down to the gumline.

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